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    Melohead Vase

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    Handpainted cheeks in light c

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    Are you displaying your flowers/plants, but noticing something special missing? Other vases struggle to add that ‘soothing feel’ to your home, but we’ve crafted something different. The vase features a cute face design - it’s one that’ll make your flowers appear more bright, natural and beautiful. An earthly touch to your home.

    It’s also a perfect gift. Know someone who loves their gardening/home? Believe us, they’ve been dreaming of this vase.


    A TRANQUIL TOUCH TO THE ATMOSPHERE -  The cute face adds a soothing/tranquil feel to your home. 

    THE PERFECT DECORATION - Yes - our flower vase provides a magical touch to your flowers, but it also enhances your home decor. Place it in your home and feel the mood shift. 

    SUITABLE FOR ALL KINDS OF FLOWERS - It doesn’t matter if you’re storing roses, daffodils or tulips - our vase will ensure your flowers appear more beautiful.

    HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN - Handcrafted using a high-quality resin material. It’s a flower vase that’ll be with you for years to come.

    Melohead Vase

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 60 reviews

    That's a very cute tiny planter. It appears to be as depicted. I just used some light feathers in mine. If you want to utilize a live plant, there is a small drain hole on the bottom. It was a good size and was properly packed. I'm pleased with her. I'm thinking of switching out the feathers for something else later on. It's exciting to be able to give her several haircuts. For your convenience, I've also included a photo of her with some wild greenery hair.


    This small planter has a serene expression. Just looking at her makes you feel better. She's in my kitchen's garden window, but I've placed her in a bowl to catch water and help her stay upright because she's top-heavy. I also added marbles to the bottom for additional ballast.


    I was overjoyed when I received this small planter. I had just bought a donkey tail succulent plant from a nearby nursery and divided the tendrils, putting half in a different pot and the other half in this small planter. Erika is a plant I named after my late mother. I would have preferred a little heavier planter, but it served its purpose well and I would buy it again.


    This planter is just too cute. As others have mentioned, it is quite light and narrow at the bottom, which reduces its sturdiness. It becomes less tipsy if soil or small rocks are added to the top. I didn't try to cultivate anything living in it. I used small rocks and an imitation String of Pearls to create the illusion of long curls growing out of her head. I adore it, and several of my friends have inquired as to where they might obtain one.


    I adore this one-of-a-kind little woman. She is so serene that you can't help but grin at her. I've put some fake succulent strands in her head until I can get some real ones that look equally good. She's sitting perfectly on a table and hasn't fallen once. Everyone who sees her smiles at her. I believe you could put anything into her head. Almost anything may be made to resemble 'hair.' Be creative! This was an excellent purchase, and I am really pleased with it. They wrapped her properly, and she arrived in perfect shape!